How to Start A Bullet Journal

I recently started Bullet Journaling and boy do I love it! I mean it’s barely been a month but it would be awesome to see all the ways I can customize the a regular note book. Because I’m mildly nuts, I decided to of course purchase the most expensive notebook I’ve ever bought!

Shortly after I had started my research, I learnt that there’s a huge online community of bullet journalists and they even have a nickname and hashtag too! In case you care it, it’s #BuJo (you’re welcome ;)). I digress, these are the tips I learnt from setting up my first bullet journal.

  1. Book Wisely

There are so many types of notebooks on the market, especially for the avid planners and doodlers. The most popular notebooks for BuJos are by Moleskin and Leuchtturm. Both classic, divine quality and reputable — both rather pricey and from what I found, there are loyalists on both sides. You DO NOT have to buy either of these by the way, a regular notebook will do too (just try to get one with squares or dotted paper — you can thank me later!).

2. Pencil It In

I have a couple of regrets in first couple of pages of my BuJo. Why? Because I wasn’t that bomb with the pen. All this to say, use a pencil to start especially when you’re still new to the BuJo life like I am or if you’re trying out new fonts/ doodles. This will save you a little heartache from messing up your beautiful pages.

3. Don’t Second Guess (your pen)

Contrary to the previous point, you need to be confident with your strokes otherwise it really will show. When I started journaling I noticed that I was a bit shaky with my pen. This ends up in wobbles and so if you decide to write something, just write it! Even if it doesn’t come out exactly the way you want it to, it’s still part of the #BuJoCharm (psst! I just made that one up ;).

4. Less IS Actually More

Unless you’re Picasso or something I recommend you don’t over do the calligraphy and doodles for the first couple of pages. It’s pretty easy to get carried away with wanting to do the most so to this I say, go easy. You can always build on it over time and for people like myself, you’ll appreciate a cleaner aesthetic. Trust me.

5. Have FUN!

Don’t be too uptight about your BuJo otherwise you’ll miss out on the point of it all. Being a planner is by default a bit of an A Type predisposition and so let this be a creative outlet rather than a neurotic activity. So, don’t worry too much about messing it up or having fixed spreads and fonts — instead just play and have fun with it!


Please note that this post was originally posted on my old blog on Sept 21, 2017


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