The Biggest Lesson I Learned in 2017

Other year gone, another begins.

The most important lesson I learned in 2017 was just how insignificant, yet such a privilege it is to be living it. I have had my share of life. Some very traumatic experiences and other really breathtakingly beautiful moments. 2017 was no exception. While it was a challenging year, it was also equally a creative one for me. Overall, I think it was a comfortable year for me as I feel I navigated through it with more grounding and openness to the unknown. The good or bad in life, I have come to embrace them both because the fact that I get to even have experiences is in itself the essence and magic of life.

My biggest accomplishment of 2017 is the intentional practice I fully immersed myself in last year. I have always been one of those always busy people for as long as I can remember. It always felt appropriate… like that’s how life is supposed to be if you’re a wannabe “high-achiever”.

As an impact designer I have always wondered the about the “so what?” of my (hyper) activity but never considered fully unpacking it because quite frankly I am one of those people that’s fuelled by my selective busyness. While this remains somewhat the same, I have also realized the true value of setting intention and reflection as guiding frame of my everyday life before you do anything.

Over the last couple of years I have been experimenting and incorporating some exercises and practices that have led me to here; intentional selection, single tasking and reflective practice. I will share more about these another time but the moral of the story is despite the negative connotation, there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a busy body, especially if your life affords you this- it just doesn’t hurt to sit back and reflect on the reasons you might be finding solitude in a hyperactive lifestyle. As you experiment with a new way of doing life you are bound to improve the quality of your life.

As I move into the new year I am committing to more intentional living and intentional loving. One of the ways I will be manifesting this is by daily blogging. I have always wanted to be have a year long blog about everything but nothing. This is it. I want to improve my writing but also challenge creativity as a whole through words. I am blindly going into this not knowing what on earth I will write about and open to life and work topic suggestions if you have any. My only rules to myself for this challenge are:

  1. Write about whatever I feel like,
  2. Everyday.
  3. Have fun doing it.

I mean seriously, how dope would it be to be able to look back on 365 digital posts of my thoughts this time next year? Let me know if you have ever embarked on a year long journey. Maybe you started a fitness journey, or a hobby? Where you able to follow through consistently on it? What did you learn about your self from it?

Until next time, live and love.





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