My Bullet Journal Weekly Spread #2

So because I’m the MVP, I decided to make sure I don’t deviate from my 11:11 publishing schedule. Since I have my bullet journal weekly spread all ready, I thought I’d simply share it.


Similar to last week, I will also be maintaining the minimal look, so no elaborate doodles.

For the daily block, I simply rotated from landscape to portrait orientations which I imagine will make page flips and scans more natural. I also added days of the week to dates this week and it looks so much better this way.

I did shrink the “notes” and “next week” sections because I found I don’t require that much space to write.

Brought back the “habit trackers” from last year since I have space and also because it’s extremely visually satisfying looking back on them at the end of the week.

I still have more space but that’s ok. Will probably adjust the layout again next week.

Happy Monday!




  1. I found your blog through the bullet journal tag on WordPress because I can’t get enough of other people’s bullet journals 🙂 Your weekly spread is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t go for elaborate doodles and decoration either and it’s lovely to look at other people’s minimal spreads.


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