What I’ve learned from 7 days of daily blogging

In case you missed it, I am attempting to blog everyday in 2018 in hopes of firstly holding a consistent creative space for myself, while improving my writing along the way. I embarked on the journey rather keenly but also blindly, not knowing what exactly I will be writing about. It’s been 7 days since I posted my first blog and here are some of my observations from week one.


7 consecutive blog posts every single day- I actually did it! I have been writing whatever I felt like writing. It came naturally and pretty much just went with the flow. Something a bit interesting is how from the moment I began, I sort of knew that I did not want it to turn into a dear diary but more of an opportunity to post random thoughts on different things in my realm.

For the coming week, I’m thinking of using prompts from various places like Thrive Global or WordPress Daily Prompts... we’ll see.


Surprisingly, I was actually able to write every single day at around the same time. That hour before bedtime for about 15 to 30 minutes. I then scheduled my posts to go live at the exact same time the following morning at 11:11AM. Today however wasn’t quite like this because last night was a Saturday night so… yeah.

I found writing in the evening calming especially on long days and so I intend on keeping it this way. Because I’m writing and posting today’s blog right now I might have to shuffle things around for tomorrow.


I’m still thoroughly energized by the idea of writing daily so the party is still a party. Rather than anticipating failure, I’m choosing to embrace the satisfaction I will feel about this little adventure this time next year.

Until next time – live and love,



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