Winter Running is for Superheroes

This winter has given us all a run for our money, hasn’t it? I mean seriously though, -40?!

I’ve been an on and off again runner over the course of my life and right now am thinking about taking it on again. Since it’s winter at the moment, I’m intrigued by the idea of running in low temperatures and also generally high altitudes so I’ve been reading up about those who dare.

After reading and watching random legendary runners, I wondered if there were any everyday-non-Olympic-atheletes or regular civilians who run outside during the winter. As any good researcher in 2018 would do, I quickly asked my friends on social media in a real researcher kinda way;


I’ve always known that many of my friends are exceptional beings but it turns out they’re actually superheroes – not even kidding! Some of them run regularly during the winter months (in minus temperatures) just because, others because of marathon training. One of them even cycles IN-THESE-FRIGID-TEMPS! Unbelievable! They also shared some funny and inspiring links of winter running, like this one which shows 15 photos that show exactly what running in Canada looks like right now. There was also an incredible local story of a 67-year-old man who runs without a shirt on even when it’s -40 degrees outside!


Moral of the story is, we have superheroes amongst up you guys. In lieu of a medal, the next time you see a winter runner, give them a high five.

I don’t know know that I’ll get a cape anytime soon however, I’ll be sure to let you know if I decide to go running this winter. If I do, I’ll be sure to follow all the advice I received from my runner friends along with the 10 Tips to Make Winter Running Less Miserable from Runners World.

Let me know if you’re a winter runner yourself and what your biggest pro tip for we reluctant winter runners.

live + love,


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