My Bullet Journal Weekly Spread #3

Can you believe we’re already in the 3rd week of January?

Since getting back to work, I’ve been feeling a little rushed and unprepared for some reason. I think it might be something to do with still being in holiday mode. Having my bullet journal to remind me of my main weekly goals has been helpful in making me realize that while I may not accomplish every single thing on my plate, I am crossing off the main ones.

This week’s spread remains minimal like previous ones. I did increase the daily sections because I have jam packed week this week.

bullet journal weekly spread 1

I didn’t complete all my trackers last week because I forgot to but I kept it in my planner this week because I need to get back into a routine by February.

bullet journal weekly spread 2bullet journal weekly spread 5bullet journal weekly spread 3bullet journal weekly spread 4

Overall I do like this week’s layout a lot more than last week because it’s neater and cleaner feeling. Let me know what you think.

live + love,






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