What I’ve learned from 14 days of daily blogging

So… it’s been 14 days since I started my daily blogging adventure. My week was rather busy as I started on a new project which meant I’ve been mostly focusing on that. Oh and I also missed a post yesterday… I just didn’t feel like it and so I listened to myself because remember, this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. That said, it means I have an extra post to write this week!


This week I noticed my motivation and inspiration drop a little. I’m not sure if it’s because I was busy therefore didn’t feel I had the mental clarity or capacity to think creatively about what to write about…

To help re-energize myself this coming week, I’m going to write 3 reasons why I’m blogging and put it on my mirror so I can keep that front and centre for affirmation and inspiration.


Tied to the previous point, coming up with content ideas has been challenging. I think the fact that I boldly shared my blog with my entire network has also stifled my creativity. How? Well this week it finally dawned on me that colleagues and potential clients/ employers may also read my posts. While I think this helps me frame parameters on what to write or skip, it also adds a layer of pressure that hadn’t considered to begin with.

Remember how I said last week that I’d try using blogging prompts? Well I did go through some but only ended up using one the entire week. It was from WordPress Daily Prompts and I wrote a poem inspired by their word of the day, “Brilliant”. Writing this was surprisingly enjoyable and the piece turned out to be my favourite of the week!

Moving forward, I still don’t have a clear focus on what I’ll be writing about yet. I do know this for now; Mondays will be about bullet journals stuff, Fridays something I read, listened to or watched, and lastly at least one day in the week I’ll write a poem. This is better than nothing I say :).


Last Sunday I decided to set a “writing time” in my calendar for everyday at 9PM. Although I haven’t been the most inspired like I said earlier, this seems to be working for me and so I’m going to keep the habit. I also continued to schedule posts to publish every morning at 11:11AM which also has been working (well… except yesterday). I’ll keep the same time for this week.

Other than that, I’m just glad I was able to keep the momentum and hope to find sustained inspiration this week. Please let me know if you have any tips and tricks for me to up my game and mojo.

And in case you missed it:

Until next time – live + love,



    1. I can totally relate to this! Before I started I was so sure there was no shortage of things to write about but now here I am. LOL! Let’s keep going anyway 🙂


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