The Wildest Dream.

Being a dreamer is one of my greatest attributes. Many of my dreams have come true, others haven’t and some are in the making. I have learned with time that dreaming is my souls’ way of breathing – so I breath. Without dreams I have “no because” and certainly no drive to push on. I also am of the belief that dreams must be put out into the universe in order for them to manifest.

One of my wildest life dreams is to travel to all of the world’s sovereign nations within a 2 year period as a solo, black, female traveler. How epic would that be? It would obviously cost a kidney (or both), but certainly worth every penny I reckon. The way I see it is if you’re someone without children, you can probably afford to run off into the abyss for a real world life class in lieu of marriage and the baby carriage.

I’ve already started planning my trip which perhaps I’ll take on my next sabbatical in a couple of years. My trip will be centred around a social purpose and curiosity about really celebrating the true diversity of thought and being that exists in ALL corners of the world fuelled by women.

Moral of the story here is if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream big and prepare yourself for your blessings because it can actually happen so you’ve got to be ready!

Let me know what your wildest dream is.

live + love


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