Authentic Power | What I Learned from Gary Zukav

Rather than waking up to the incredible Matt Galloway every morning, these days I now listen to an inspiring or motivational podcast or have a TED-ish talk playing in the background as I get ready every morning. I came across Gary Zukav, a spiritual author and teacher, while listening to one of Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions. His ideas on The New Perception of Community and authentic power were so beautiful to hear.

My biggest takeaway is that authentic power is when the personality comes to fully serve your soul (this gave me so much life!). A few other things he shared really stuck with me so I figured I’d share them with you in some sort of summary.

  1. Think of your personality as your little boat and your soul as your mother ship.
  2. Ask yourself where is my little boat going compared to my mother ship?
  3. How might you align the two?
  4. There is nothing happening in your life that isn’t perfect for your evolution.
  5. See life in death because death can offer wisdom and compassion.
  6. If you think life is only about what your see, then you’re missing the point.
  7. When you’re putting energy out into the world, remember that just like what goes up comes down, what goes out comes back in.
  8. Intention is the energy that infuses the things you do in the world.

These ideas really inspired me to develop my Personal Manifesto and Intentions as my way of understanding what my “mother ship” came into this universe to do. While I know I’ll probably always be one of those people that always questions the purpose of my intention, I can happily say over the last couple of years I’m finally beginning to feel aligned with my destiny.

Let me know what you think about authentic power… if you’re looking for it – where are you looking, if you have it, where did you find it.

Until next time, live + love,


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