5 Day Raw Vegan Challenge

So… I’m going to be doing a 5 Day Raw Vegan Challenge starting Monday 22nd January and I need your company.

A raw challenge is a really good way to reset and refresh your body especially after all that yummy holiday eating.

I’ll share the game plan later on today and some delicious video recipes that I will be using from some of my favourite plant based eaters.

Who’s in?

Below are some ideas of what I’ll be eating on this challenge. I don’t have time to write out my recipes at the moment but all you have to do is use google for a specific recipe and voila! I also have my Coily Vegan – 3 Day Meal Guide I wrote a while ago that has some tasty recipes in it too – some are raw, but all are vegan.

Breakfast: I’ll be having smoothies, overnight oats, overnight chia pudding and maybe nice cream.

Lunch: I’ll have salads because they’re easy to have on the go.

Dinner: I’ll have sushi, noodles, wraps and anything savoury that I think about along the way.

I’ll also be having plenty of snack that I’ve listed. Now, it’s possible that I’ll stick to eating the same thing for breakfast, then lunch and supper because being an avid meal prepper, I don’t mind eating the same thing every day.

I’ve done this challenge before for 10 Days so hopefully I should be able to wing 5 days. When eating raw food it is extremely important to make sure you eat a lot of it so that you meet your daily caloric requirements, so make sure you eat. I will be sharing some recipe suggestions of some of the meals listed below in the Coily Vegan Life group from my favourite foodies and be sure to share your faves too!

Let me know if you got any questions, otherwise I hope you’ll join me!


—– M E A L   I D E A S —-

Apple Cider Vinegar
Vitamins (B12, Iron, multi-vitamin, vitamin D)

Green Smoothie
Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats
Blueberry Smoothie
Date, Banana Overnight Oats
Chocolate Smoothie
(Will use non dairy milk as my liquid)

Salad Bowl (Tomato, Sprouted Beans, Carrots, Leafy Greens)
Salad Bowl (Cucumber, Avocado, Onion, Leafy Greens)
Salad Bowl (Balsamic Marinated Mushrooms, Avo, Leafy Greens)
Slaw (Shredded Red & White Cabbage, Carrots, Apple)

Lemon Avocado Dressing
Tahini Dressing
Balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Pesto
Raw Vegan Sushi Rolls with Tamari/ Soy Sauce
Stuffed Rice Paper Rolls with Almond Butter Sauce

Chocolate Mousse
Chia Pudding
Fruit Salad
Raw Snack Bars (eg. Larabar, nakd bar)

TOPPINGS (to sprinkle on any of your meals)
Nuts (Almonds, Cashews)
Seeds (Chia, Hemp, Pumpkin, Sesame, Sunflower)
Dried fruit (Dates)



    1. I’ve done the challenge in the past but just winged it lol. I wanna get better at writing out recipes I like. You should totally join the group. I’m posting (and asking others to post) fave raw vegan video recipes!


    1. That’s awesome! I’ll definitely check it out. I really wanna do a 30 day one this summer when we have more delicious produce. Enjoy yours!


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