My Bullet Journal Weekly Spread #4

Welcome to week 4!

This week’s layout is  a fusion of the last two weeks. I realized that I prefer the look and function of smaller boxes for my daily tasks otherwise they become overwhelming lengthy lists. Having the smaller writing space allows me to really focus in on the main things I hope to accomplish that day, in other words, single tasking. I like the idea of disciplining myself to set 5 main work goals and 5 personal ones to accomplish everyday and so that is what I will do with this spread.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I kept the sleep and habit trackers this week because I really do find these useful in reminding me to take care of my dailies. For the purpose of this post, I did not fill in my actual habits and sleep/ wake times.

The only real new thing is the meal plan section since this week I’m doing a 5 day raw vegan challenge. I have found having meal plans in my bullet journal useful in the past when I am not meal prepping because then, I do not actually have to think about what I could eat.

Lastly, unless or until a major cosmic shift in process takes place, this will be my last weekly post on my bullet journal as I have nothing new to share. I will simply be sharing my monthly spread at the beginning of the month which will include my weekly layouts.

Have a wonderful week!



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