5 Reasons You Should Read The Last Black Unicorn

I don’t think I have never read a book written by or about a Hollywood celebrity – until now. I started and finished reading Tiffany Haddish’s The Last Black Unicorn over the course of 3 days and overall enjoyed the stories. This was my second book on my 12 Books By Female Writers of Colour 2018 reading list. It was also by second Audible book, which I enjoyed a lot more than my first one. Tiffany reading her own book I think made the difference, especially since she’s not only a great comedian but an exceptional storyteller.

The Last Black Unicorn is about stand-up comic, actress, and breakout star, Tiffany Haddish’s life. She wrote the book almost as a collection of short stories that all inter-loop at different points. These stories aren’t exactly in chronological order so there’s a lot of moving back and forth in time. Aside from this the book is overall a both extremely inspiring and funny but also heartbreaking and sad. It’s smothered in humour and striking moments of admirable strength. You really get to know who this woman is through the intimate stories she shares about her and the people around her. I have a couple of favourite stories and moments in the book. Roscoe is of course the best one. That and the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Groupon story. She just tells them so well you can vividly picture everything.


Something I didn’t enjoy about her narration however is the way she often seems distant from the hurt when narrating. She shares very difficult stories about her life, ones that are traumatic, sad, heartbreaking, scary and painful, yet she narrated them as if they were someone else’s story. I’m not completely sure how exactly I wanted her to narrate those parts especially considering I tend to suffer from the same tendency – you know, sharing my painful stories in a straight-faced tone. Maybe it’s a self-preservation technique? But that’s a another story for a different day… In any case, for this reason I reckon manually reading vs listening to her book would have been a better way as it would’ve allowed me to get emotionally entangled in her story in a deeper and authentic way.

This was a really ideal book for me to read during this time of the year when I’m renewing intention and focus for the next couple of months. I definitely recommend it because:

  1. Tiffany Haddish has such an inspiring story of “yes you can”, because she did.
  2. You will gain perspective by learning the different challenges many are going through in your community.
  3. She hilarious and I guarantee that you’ll enjoy all the stories she’s filled in this book.
  4. Supporting female writers of colour allows new perspectives and voices to be added to such an imbalanced space.
  5. You’ll be done in no time – it’s the fasted book you’ll ever read!

live + love,


PS: I still want Tiffany Haddish and Trevor Noah to be a couple and invite me for dinner after their 10th date.


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