What I’ve learned from 28 days of daily blogging

So I’ve basically been daily blogging for a month now and it feels so fricking amazing! When I did my 21 days reflection post, I thought it would be the last one I do weekly yet here I am. I decided to continue weekly reflections, at least for now because just because I made it past a month of daily blogging doesn’t mean I just assume that I got this. We’ll revisit this ritual once I cross the 60 days mark.


Daily blogging is really become cerebral to me and I didn’t experience moments of dread at all this week! I think it’s my first full week feeling 100% motivated. I feel amazing and so proud of myself for sticking with this new found hobby (and habit). The 3 reasons why Post-Its have been the perfect daily inspo I’ve needed to get sparked to blog and so I will be keeping them with me. I also wrote them out on 3 mini Post-Its and put them in my weekly Bullet Journal spread for the times I’m travelling and away from my mirror.


I’ve enjoyed my content this week and actually had a difficult time selecting my favourite piece of the week. One thing that caused me to get unstuck was simply writing about what I’m experiencing and consuming in the now. I also was able to let go of an expectation around the length and technic of writing this week, which also was freeing.

Now that I’ve completed a month, I’ve been thinking about what the next level of growth and challenge would be. Perhaps I could think about focusing my content? Maybe every week I can pick a theme and write about it in different ways… Or even pick weekly writing challenges such as daily prompts and stick to them? My only concern with this is the boxed nature of scheduling can sometimes cause me to over-think which will result in writer’s block of sorts.

Anyhow, I think I’ll stick to the philosophy of when all else fails, just listen to your body and write what you feel like.


I still have the mini content schedule that I’ve been following: Mondays bullet journal stuff, Fridays something I read, listened to or watched, and at least one day in the week a poem. This remained true for this week but as I shared in last week’s update, I won’t be doing Bullet Journal Mondays any more since they are a little redundant and boring. I will maintain the other slots.

As for publishing times, I publish posts between noon and 3PM this week. So no schedule. This was mostly because I no longer write at night and instead write in the morning for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. I wasn’t consistent with a fixed writing time this week and so it impacted the publishing schedule.

This week I want to write when I’m having my first meal of the day and hopefully I can make it a ritual (instead of reading the news while I eat).

I need to…

continue improving proofreading before I post. I also want to think about what my level-up is going to be for the month of February.

My biggest surprise or realization this week was…

the last people I expected to actually read my posts, read my blog (thank you!)

I wish…

(and still wish) all of you who actually read my posts would all leave a comment so I know you’re reading and what you’re thinking.

I’m thankful for…

having you reading and thinking about some of the things I write about.

And in case you missed it:

Until next time – live + love,



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