What I’ve learned from 35 days of daily blogging

This week was a so bugged! In a nutshell, I started feeling fluish last Sunday and still feel eeky so I’ll make this update rather short.


My cold has pretty much dictated my energy and motivation. It surprises me that I was even able to post something up everyday this past week despite feeling the way I’ve been feeling. I think it’s because I now associate blogging as unwinding time, sort of like how I experience baking or cooking in general.

This coming week I hope to physically get back my energy and hope the cough and cold go away already. I have a really busy work week because since I was down for about 3 days.


I didn’t find it difficult at all to come up with ideas about what to write. I’m still needing time to think about whether or not I should begin to focus my content or just continue blurting random topics. Something is telling me that I will appreciate this journey a lot more if I create more focused content for my blog. But then again, that might just be the planner in me. We’ll see.


The same content schedule continued over the past week. I however wasn’t scheduling posts but rather just posting in realtime.

My whole idea or hope of writing when I’m having my first meal of the day and making it a ritual thing didn’t work out. We’ll see how it goes moving forward.

I need to…

create some time to work on the focus or direction of my blog or at least decide if I even want to have a focus.

My biggest surprise or realization this week was…

how although I’ve been feeling sick, my blogging is sort of on autopilot and I can’t even remember what I wrote about this week.

I wish…

for a bit more clarity (and maybe inspiration) around what I want to improve about my blog and writing this month.

I’m thankful for…

all of you creepers :).

And in case you missed it:

Until next time – live + love,



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