3 Easy Ways To Achieve Daily Goals & Increase Productivity

I’m working on a project that’s been really challenging me, especially this week. Not too sure whether it’s because of the complexity of the work, that I just feel mentally stretched or it’s just my still-here cold. Either way I thought I’d share with you some of the ways I get my creative juices flowing and productivity levels on point;

  1. Set one goal each day – I categorize the projects I’m working on and start my work day by completing this sentence for each project: “If I complete this _________ task by the end of the day, I will feel so happy!“. This simple activity quietens down all the white noise in the background and also sprinkles hope onto any overwhelm I may have.
  2. Single task – as I work through the day, I make sure that I stay on task – just one task at a time. I sometimes think I’m Rambo then start doing multiple things at the same time which is probably the most unproductive thing you can actually do in my opinion. Pick one task, complete it and then start a new one – repeat.
  3. Stretch and screen breaks – I’ve come to appreciate the power of a good stretch and screen break so I try to take them every hour. This allows me to recalibrate both mind and body even if it’s sometimes literally 2 minutes. Scheduling a pop-up reminder on my phone or computer screen also helps me keep track of how long I’ve been working on a task.

What are some of your productivity tips? 



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