What I’ve learned from 42 days of daily blogging

It’s now 40 days since I started blogging and boy was this week hard! As I mentioned last week, I’ve had this cold (still have it by the way) which has left me feeling so out of it in many ways.


Because of this cold, I’ve not been very motivated or energized to blog. Writer’s block and creativity blocks have pretty much been a daily feat for me most of the week. I’ve also been playing catch up with work since I’ve now been sick for 2 weeks now and even missed a blog post last Tuesday that I still have yet to make up for.

On the upside, I’m feeling so much better now and hope to have the best week ever! Ok maybe not the best but a much better week for sure. I still plan on making up for the missed post at some point this week if the universe allows it.


This week my content was so unfocused and in many ways so mediocre. I honestly didn’t spend that much time writing at all and as I write this I don’t even remember what I even wrote about this week. It almost always felt sporadic and rushed… I wasn’t very present to it and more on some form of autopilot.

I have so much I want to properly sit down and write about about so hopefully over the next couple of weeks as I get back into myself I will get to it. The upside for my content generation has been me literally writing down all the topic ideas and prompts I want to write about at some point.


I haven’t had much of a standard schedule or routine which means there’s been low regularity in not just the quality but also the time my posts go up. All my posts this week are published in realtime because I decided to stop scheduling.

The one real thing that was consistent this week was my Wednesday creative writing post. I really enjoy mid-week poetry, both reading and writing it so I hope to continue the streak.

I need to…

be easier on myself and know that sometimes my quality won’t always be my best 100% of the time and that’s ok too.

My biggest surprise or realization this week was…

considering how rushed and sick my body has been feeling this week I’m surprised I only missed one post.

I wish…

to get back into my soul again by way of healing my body.

I’m thankful for…


And in case you missed it:

Until next time – live + love,



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