Art is Art: Michelle & Barack Portraits

One thing that has always tickled me about my generation and perhaps this era we live in is our self proclamation to connoisseur-hood. All of a sudden we all are renaissance people with sophisticated palettes for the finest foods and the perfect eye and ear for talent. We really are delusional aren’t we?

The National Portrait Gallery unveiled the official presidential likenesses of Barack Obama and the former first lady, Michelle Obama and like everything nowadays, everyone has an opinion about the pieces.

The painters picked by the Obamas to portray them — Kehinde Wiley, for Mr. Obama’s portrait; Amy Sherald, for Mrs. Obama — are African-American as well. I for one do not have much to say about the style of the art but I certainly am eager to hear more about the inspiration of both artists. Them being the first African-American artists to do presidential portraits in the Gallery is very special and can not imagine how they must feel to have this great honour.

I think it is all good to have an opinion but sometimes especially when it comes to art, how wonderful would it be if we re to simply take a step back, appreciate the art, ponder on it, notice what it invokes in you and share that?

live + love,

PS: Read the NYT interview of Kehinde Wiley | and Amy Sherald



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