Lost & Found

You know that feeling of misplacing something precious to you, then finding it just when you stop looking for it? How about actually losing one of your favourite things in your world and never finding again? That’s what happened with my Nefertiti necklace.

Starting middle school, I became obsessed with all things Ancient Egypt. It is had to pinpoint  the exact moment this infatuation began but I know I just loved hieroglyphics (because I was also into secret languages) and Nefertiti. To me she represented feminine beauty and also the power. I have also always been drawn to mysterious figures and so her alleged androgynous life was so captivating to me. It still surprises that there has not been a huge Hollywood movie about this legend of a woman.

I almost always would have my necklace around my neck. The few times I had it off, I would misplace it but somehow kind of always knew that I would find it again. And I did. Time and time again I would. I remember this one time I went for a swimming competition at a different school and for some reason decided to take it off. Believe it or not, it found it’s way back to me. Until one day when I just noticed it had disappeared from my neck one day and it never came back. I held up hope but eventually accepted that this time it was probably not coming back.

It’s been over a decade since I lost my precious necklace, yet secretly I still feel it will magically show up in my life again.

live & love,


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