How to Find & Nurture the Artist in You

If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, then you know I’ve been on an intentional creative exploration. One of the areas I’ve been hoping to develop in my writing journey has been to reflect on and grow my source of inspiration so that I can gain clarity and focus on a larger writing project I’ve been stuck on. I also wish to improve my technique through active learning and practice.

This weekend I finally started reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and figured I’d share some of  my learning as I go along as summarizing and sharing what I learn tends to really help me learn.  Since this book has been on my reading list for years and Cameron has been recommended to me recently by a friend, I figured it’s time. The book is about creativity and how to fully embody it as a creative without fear and limiting beliefs that seem to get in our way as artists. It is seminal and so almost like taking an actual class, which is helpful at my current stage in writing. So far I’ve read the context and introduction on how to use the book.

Purging negative thoughts – Artists are generally hard on themselves, shadow artists (artists who are closeted or don’t live out their artistry) are often even harder. As we create we often have negative thoughts smothered in fear and judgement that block our opportunity to be at ease to create. During this process it’s important to let all that toxicity go and replace them with positive affirmations like her Basic Principles.

Morning Pages – Cameron stresses the importance of daily free flow writing on three pages – so basically anything and everything that comes to your mind no matter what it is, not technique needed. The purpose of this exercise is to teach us how to write without a filter or censor that often limits us in our creativity as we fear judgement from others. This writing is for you and you alone, therefore it doesn’t matter what you write about.

Artist Date – Another interesting commitment of the course is to carve time every single week to nurture the artist in us. She stresses that this time is for you and you alone. It’s meant to inspire us and create a form of intimacy between me and my artist self in hopes of I guess uniting us as one.

These three things will be important to remember over the next 12 weeks of this program. As part of the commitment she asks us to sign a contract commit to weekly reading, daily morning pages, a weekly artist date and a the week’s homework. At this stage I’m eager to immerse myself for the next 12 weeks but also fear my ability to deliver on the daily morning pages since I have a daily blog already. Since beginning daily blogging I’ve not been able to really keep up with my daily journal and so I might use my blog as my “morning pages” even though this technically isn’t the instruction provided. Anyway, I promise to try the real morning pages and then at the very least will be transparent about the process as I figure it out. I really hope to stick through it and allowing myself to remain open to the full process despite my reservations.

live + love,



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