I sometimes slack on my habits…

So…I skipped a blog post yesterday which means I’m currently -2 (since I still haven’t made up for the one from last week). My week has been so hectic and honestly I feel quite fatigued. That said you all know one of my rules about forming habits – don’t skip the habit more than one day in a row. I strongly believe in this rule of thumb because from past experience of trying (and failing) on consistency in habit development, I know. After two days of now doing something I’m hoping to do daily I just almost always stop doing it – out of sight out of mind.

Whenever I skip a day during my habit training phase, I try to create a plan to actually make up for it so that my mind is at ease. For these two posts that I missed so far, I’m not too hard on myself because I’ve also been doing morning pages since starting my writing program meaning I’m technically still writing daily even when I’m not posting. None the less I still hope to make up for the posts I’ve missed when I catch a break in coming weeks.

Until then I’m just going to rest easy.

live + love



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