What I’ve learned from 56 days of daily blogging

I can’t believe it’s been 56 days since I started daily blogging! I haven’t quite had a chance to look back on my posts but I’m overjoyed to see that I’m still here against all odds. When I cross 100 days, I really want to do a deeper reflection where I look back on all my posts to see my evolution and growth.


This past week has been a hyper-stimulating one for me. There’s been a truck load of amazingly inspiring work to do but it definitely feels like my days have gotten much shorter compared to when I began my writing journey in January.

You’ll remember that I finally started going through The Artist’s Way book (which is basically a 12 week writing program) and honestly the daily morning pages I’m expected to do deplete my writing time for my blog. I still need to figure out a rhythm for this – can I do both?


Since I’m doing Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, I almost feel like I’m more focused on that as my daily writing vs my blog. Might there be a way to develop some of my morning pages into a blog post at night? Maybe.

The best thing that could happen would be if I were to complete the other assignments as blog posts. Maybe even develop them as creative posts? Because of the very personal nature the assignments, I’m not 100% sure how to develop some of the content into blog posts as yet but we’ll see.

The one thing I will still continue to do is a poetry piece each week because I really love crafting silly and sometimes serious poems. These days I’ve been enjoying limericks because they are playful and force me to be more relaxed with my writing. Over time I plan on developing in other types of poetry writing as part of my weekly practice.


I actually missed 2 blog posts this week… Was just feeling exhausted on those days so I didn’t blog. The good news is I made up for one of the posts so it’s now technically one missed post this week. Which brings the current total to -2 posts I have to make up for since beginning my blog.

In thinking about my time management, I’ve also been thinking about better using my hour commute to and from work a bit more efficiently. Currently I just listen to a podcast or read, but mostly read. Perhaps I could start a blogging ritual on the train? I’ll try that out this week and keep you posted.

I need to…

remember to keep having fun with writing and not take it too seriously when I miss a day or post something I’m not that proud of.

My biggest surprise or realization this week was…

the amount of inspiration and useful tips I’m getting from Julia Cameron’s writing exercises!

I wish…

to stay on the The Artist’s Way program and really take as much as possible through completing as many as the exercises as I possibly can.

I’m thankful for…

having the space to actually feel I can write more authentically especially with the tools I’m learning.

And in case you missed it:

Until next time – live + love,



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