The Morning Commute

I feel quite prepared for my day (and week). A feeling that I had started growing unfamiliar with over the last couple of weeks. I started my day 30 minutes earlier than I normally have been. I guess I figure if I’m 30 minutes ahead of schedule then I will be 30 minutes ahead. It’s kind of like my very own version of daylight savings time (minus the clock reset of course). I’ve never quite understood that by the way. The who resetting our clock string and collectively pretending it’s 6 o’clock when we know cry well that it’s actually 7.

Living in Toronto, I’ve never actually had to commute super long for work. Between a quick streetcar or a short bike ride, it was always under 20 minutes. Now my daily commute is an hour. An entire hour! I know what you’re thinking, everyone commutes for at least an hour with many Torontonians commuting for about 90 minutes one way, often in the same direction.

Depending on the direction you’re going, it change entire experience. Same direction means you’re surrounded by AFCs or Anxiety Filled Commuters because they’re late or not morning people or both. The only exception of course being you’re a 501 commuter from the east. Everyone is très zen in the east. Ok maybe that’s not fact but still it’s true. Since typically most people are commuting into the city, travelling the opposite direction means you get to avoid most of the AFCs. Lucky for me I get to avoid traffic – one streetcar, one train ride, on a good day 60 minutes…


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