The Right to Write.

I’ve really been experiencing some serious drought in my writing over the last couple of days and so I decided to start reading Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write book today (because I had to return The Artist’s Way back to the library). One of the things she talks about is writing as an act of listening. So rather than thinking about what to write about, just follow your writing without an agenda. This message rings true to me especially in this blocked season. How carefully am I willing and open to listen to my spirit without dictating to it? How much control am I willing to surrender for the process rather than flog with agendas? These are the questions.

Learning that I AM a writer versus aspiring to be one is something I want to reinforce in myself to the point where I actually believe it. Because…

Writers are creative.
Writers are thoughtful.
Writers are dreamers.
Writers are playful.
Writers are imaginative.
Writers are hopeful.
Writers are willing.
Writer are daring.

I don’t have to have it right to write, but I DO have the right to write anyway. So I’ll write, until I get it right.

live + love,


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