10 Writing Tips I Hope To Remember

I’ve been learning so many writing lessons this week that I don’t want to forget and so I’ll just write them here.

  1. When writing, forget yourself. Just follow your soul as is.
  2. Making writing a big deal makes writing difficult.
  3. “Not enough time” is a myth. If you have more time to write, you won’t listen now.
  4. An obsession with time is simply an obsession with perfection.
  5. Spend time on something that doesn’t “pay off”.
  6. Write and DON’T rewrite. Rough drafts should be drafts.
  7. Writing doesn’t have to know where it’s going.
  8. Writing is the practice of observation as it is of invention.
  9. I am busy wanting to have the life of a writer and forgetting that I have a life to write about.
  10. Mood to write is a luxury, so don’t wait for it to show up.




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