I woke up to such a good conversation this morning. It was about repression, self actualization and in some ways, dreams and nightmares…

I think about repression and it’s power over my self actualization pretty often. How is it that the mind can trick itself into thinking that something doesn’t matter when it matters? How is it that we don’t even notice when this is happening? That’s what repression self means to me.

It’s making yourself believe something is (or isn’t) what it actually might be consciously and often unconsciously. We all have various degrees to which we repress ourselves, our thoughts, dreams. There are different reasons we do this- some rational, many irrational. I’ve been enjoying revisiting Sigmund Freud’s work these days. I really like how he emphasizes the power and importance of the unconscious mind and how the unconscious mind governs our behaviour more than people suspect it does. Acquainting ourselves with our unconscious mind is messy but can be extremely transformative work…



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